Imatra Rapids Guided Walk

Geology, history, nature, culture…On this tour with a local guide you will hear interesting stories and facts about the famous Imatrankoski rapids. You will also see the most beautiful building of Finland – the castel hotel Imatran Valtionhotelli.

AVAILABLE: Needs to be agreed in advance. Languages: Finnish, English, Russian.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Lots of stairs and uneven paths on the route. Sturdy shoes recommended. Babies should be carried in backpacks. Dogs are welcome on leash. 

PRICE: 10€ adults, 5€ children 4-16 yrs. Minimum 5 adults or 50€. Cash or card. 

Culture & Relax in Imatra

Imatra is a small cozy town by the Lake Saimaa, the greatest lake in Finland. The town center is located only 6 km from the Russian border, right next to the famous Imatra rapids. The historical art nouveau castle hotel Valtionhotelli is the landmark of the town. The hotel was voted the most beautiful building in Finland in 2014. It is surrounded by Crown Park – nature reserve dating back to 1842. All restaurants and shops are located within 5 minutes walk!

Lake Saimaa offers a wide range of activities throughout the year. You can go ice fishing, skiing, skating, swimming, rowing, canoeing, parasailing, wake boarding…whatever you like! Cruises to Saimaa are organized from Imatra and Lappeenranta harbors.

Day 1

Afternoon arrival in Helsinki International Airport

Train to Imatra from HIA

Guide meets the guests at the Imatra railway station

Transport to hotel Valtionhotelli

Guided walking tour: hotel Valtionhotelli and Imatra historical Crown Park 2 h

Lunch & free time

Sauna & swimming

Dinner at restaurant OR in a private home (at request)

Day 2

10-12 Sightseeing tour of Imatra 2 h

13   Lunch

Train to Helsinki

Transfers, accommodation, meals and guide are included.


Available: Year round

Difficulty level: Easy.

Price: From 572 €/person. Supplement for single occupancy 61 €.

Ask for more information +358 400 379509!
Imatra Sightseeing Tour

On this tour we visit the famous Imatra Castle hotel built in 1903. This unique art-nouveau hotel was voted the most beautiful building of Finland in 2014. We drive to the checkpoint of Imatra on the Russian border and then along the beautiful river Vuoksi to Alvar Aalto Church of Three Crosses. We’ll pop into the church if possible. WWII history comes alive at the legendary Immola airfield that witnessed Adolf Hitler’s visit in 1942. We’ll see  the idyllic old Niskalampi residential and the Ukonlinna resort that has become the leading center of sport tourism in South Karelia. Lake Saimaa with its spas and ports will become familiar to us, too.

AVAILABLE:  Year round.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Easy, duration 2 h. 

PRICE: 15 €/adults, 5 €/children 6-14 yrs. Min. 30 persons. Minivan tour & driver 350 €/4-8 persons.

Ask for more information +358 400 379509!
WWII in Imatra Region

During WWII  Imatra was often in the center of events. During the Winter War, the castle hotel Valtionhotelli hosted the Headquarters of Army of Karelian Isthmus. The most interesting episode was seen in the summer of 1942 when the Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler flew over here to congratulate the 75-year-old Marshal Mannerheim. Tragic moments wer experienced in the summer of 1941 when the Enso attack was made. German detachment Kuhlmey operated from Immola Airfield by in the summer of 1944. On this tour we see the authentic battle grounds and hear about the brave foreign volunteers who came to help Finland in the Winter War from Britain, France, Denmark and Sweden. We also hear about the military medical care in our country’s  history.

Available: Year round on request.

Difficulty Level: Easy, no walking. Duration about 2 h. 

Hinta: From 45 €/person min. 2 persons. No transportation included.  Minivan and driver 4-8 persons 255 €.

Ask for more information +358 400 379509!
Vuoksi Maxi Tour

This tour takes you up all the way upstream to Lake Saimaa. You will hear stories about the river Vuoksi and the Imatra rapids. We will visit the memorials of the English and Scottish drivers who died in Imatra as a consequence of a racing incident in Finnish GP. You will learn about the dramatic days of war in Imatra region and see the beautiful War Veterans’ Memorial Park. You will pass the Millennium Babies’ Appletree Park, the Orthodox church of St. Nicholas and the Neitsytniemi Mansion. The fishermen’s base Mutterinranta and the Industrial Workers’ Housing museum are on the route, too. This tour is possible to finish at the Vuoksi Fishing Park where you can have a delicious fish lunch or coffee/tea with sandwiches.

Difficulty level: moderate. 

Tour available: May-October. 

Price: From 20 €/person min. 5 persons. Lunch or coffee/tea cost 5-12 €. Start from the castle hotel Imatran Valtionhotelli. Dogs are welcome on this tour!

Ask for more information +358 400 379509!
Highest mountain in South Karelia

Haukkavuori rocky mountain is the highest point in South Karelia. A breathtaking scenery opens from the top of the mountain. The clear blue Lake Sarajärvi glitters right under the cliffs. This mountain used to serve as a border mark between Sweden and Russia in the old times. You can see the border line according to the Treaty of Nystad carved on the rocks on the top of the mountain. The Treaty of Nystad was the last peace treaty of the Great Northern War of 1700–1721. The tour takes 3-4 hours from Imatra. You can easily add a visit to Parikkala Statue Park to this tour.


Walking distance 800 metres from the parking area along a path. Uphills and downhills, partly along a wooden causeway. Sturdy shoes are recommended. This trip can be combined with a visit to Parikkala Statue Park. Dogs are welcome on this tour in your car or our minivan. Duration 3-4 hours. 



PRICE:  From 450 €/max 8 persons start from Imatra and Holiday Club Saimaa, from Lappeenranta from 550 € max 8 persons. 


Ask for more information +358 400 379509!
Cape Rastiniemi

Trip to the beautiful ice age cape Rastiniemi. Here you can see the very end of the second Salpausselkä ridge that was formed at the end of the last Ice Age appr. 11 000 years ago. The retreating ice sheet melted until a colder period started. The edge of the ice stopped at one place and that was how Salpausselkä ridges were born. In Rastiniemi, Lake Saimaa’s waters broke through the ridge and it was fallen apart.

Available: May-September

Difficulty Level: Moderate, uphills and downhills. Walking distance from the parking area about 0,7 km. Dogs are welcome! Duration 3-4 hours. 

Price: From 450 €/person max 8 persons from Imatra and Holiday Club Saimaa. From Lappeenranta 550 € max 8 persons. 

Ask for more information +358 400 379509!
Golden Beach

Trip to the golden beach of Kyläniemi. This is a paradise for sun lovers and swimmers! Parents with small children are also fond of this beautiful beach because of its safe shallow waters. Kyläniemi is a perfect place for berry picking in July when the blackberries and raspberries ripen…

Tour available: June-August. Swimming is most likely possible after Midsummer, when the waters of Lake Saimaa get warm enough. 


Difficulty Level: Moderate, uphills and downhills. Walking distance from the parking area 0,5 km. Dogs are welcome!

Price: From 400 € max 8 persons. 

Your local guide

All our guides are well-trained experts of their own speciality. They speak Finnish, English, Swedish, German, Russian and French. You will get the most of your visit with a local guide who knows the best sights, shopping, restaurants and local specialities.

Available: Throughout the year.

Languages: English, Russian, Swedish, German, Finnish, French

Price: From 90 €/h. 

Ask for more information +358 400 379509!
Flora Tours

South Karelia is famous for its endemic species – among them such flowers like beautiful and very rare arctic violet (spring pasqueflower, lady of the snows) in Latin Pulsatilla Vernalis. Lady of the snows blossoms very early in the spring. It is highly endangered and you are not allowed to pick them. Arctic violet is the county flower of South Karelia. Another Ice Age relict is the sand pink Dianthus arenarius which blossoms in July. South Karelia has a quite many private gardens that are open for visitors, too. Please check the availability of the tour since the growing period varies from year to year. Our tour guide meets you at your hotel and takes you to the woods to see these rarities. You can either drive your own car or we can arrange the transfers.

TOUR AVAILABLE: Daphne tour in April, liverwort and arctic violet in May, sandpink and thyme in July. Gardens in June-August. Please check the availability of tours in advance since the growing period varies from year to year.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Varies. On some routes there are uphills and downhills. Walking distances  0,5-3 km. 

PRICE: Daphne tour 2,5 h 120 €/1-4 persons.  Arctic violet and liverwort  1,5 h  100 €/1-4 persons. Transportation from  Imatra hotels and Holiday Club Saimaa 50 € 1-3 persons, 4-8 persons 110 €. 

Ask for more information +358 400 379509!



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