Highest mountain in South Karelia

Haukkavuori rocky mountain is the highest point in South Karelia. A breathtaking scenery opens from the top of the mountain. The clear blue Lake Sarajärvi glitters right under the cliffs. This mountain used to serve as a border mark between Sweden and Russia in the old times. You can see the border line according to the Treaty of Nystad carved on the rocks on the top of the mountain. The Treaty of Nystad was the last peace treaty of the Great Northern War of 1700–1721. The tour takes 3-4 hours from Imatra. You can easily add a visit to Parikkala Statue Park to this tour.


Walking distance 800 metres from the parking area along a path. Uphills and downhills, partly along a wooden causeway. Sturdy shoes are recommended. This trip can be combined with a visit to Parikkala Statue Park. Dogs are welcome on this tour in your car or our minivan. Duration 3-4 hours. 



PRICE:  From 450 €/max 8 persons start from Imatra and Holiday Club Saimaa, from Lappeenranta from 550 € max 8 persons. 


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