Imatra in One Day

10.00 Welcome coffee/tea
We have a nice cup of tea or coffee in the fabulous hotel Valtionhotelli.

10.45 Guided tour of the hotel
After the tea we have a guided tour around the hotel. We can also pop into the luxury rooms and hear interesting stories about the hotel’s history. This beautiful art-nouveau castle has seen a lot both in peace and war.

12.00 Guided walk in the Crown Park
The Crown Park with the rugged riverbed of the Imatra rapids is the oldest nature reserve in Finland. It was established already in 1842. We will hear stories about the birth of the river Vuoksi and the golden age of rapids tourism. We will see the rare river potholes and the unique guestbook on rocks. This tour is not fully accessible for people with physical disabilities or parents with children in prams because of the stairs.

13.00 Lunch in the hotel Valtionhotelli
The historical environment is a perfect setting for such portions as ”Pike perch à la Mannerheim” or ”Czar’s reindeer”. Buffet lunch is also a popular choice.

14.00 Sightseeing tour of Imatra

On this tour we will have a glance at the checkpoint of Imatra on the Russian border and then drive along the beautiful river Vuoksi to the Church of the Three Crosses. We’ll pop into the church if possible. We will hear some war history and visit the legendary Immola airfield which is not accessible without a permit. We will see the idyllic old Niskalampi residential are and the Ukonlinna resort that has become the leading center of sport tourism in South Karelia. Lake Saimaa with its spas and ports will become familiar to us, too.

16.00 Departure

Difficulty Level:
Moderate. The hotel is accessible even for disabled via the new spa hotel. The Crown Park is not fully accessible due to the many stairs and uneven profile. Be sure you were sturdy shoes. You cannot take children in strollers to the park so you’d better carry your baby in a backpack. 

Tour available: Throughout the year.

Price: from  97 €/person min. 25 persons. 
The price includes welcome tea/coffee with a sandwich and lunch in the castle hotel Valtionhotelli, guided tours of the hotel and Crown Park, guided bus tour of Imatra 2 h. 

Ask for a quotation and book!



Riitta Mustonen
puh./tel. +358 400 379 509

Helsingintie 1, 55100 Imatra