Kummakivi Boulder

The Ice Age that prevailed in Northern Europe appr. 11 000 years ago, has significantly formed Finland’s geography. The retreating ice sheet ploughed out an assortment of rock, bigger and smaller. One of the most peculiar one’s is Kummakivi boulder in Ruokolahti, Finland. This balancing giant lies on a convex bedrock surface with a very small footprint but so firmly that it cannot be rocked with human force.
Kummakivi (“strange stone”) has been protected since 1962.

During this trip you will also see a man-made moss bridge that was built for loggers across Lake Pitkajarvi. On the way to Kummakivi there are historical sights such as the Käyhkää canal built by the Russian troops in 1791-1798. The so-called Suvorov military canals (Suvorov canals) is a series of four open canals on Lake Saimaa in Finland. The four canals of Kutvele, Käyhkää, Kukonharju and Telataipale are located in Puumala, Ruokolahti and Sulkava. They were built as part of the South-Eastern Finland fortification system and are the oldest canals in Finland. They are named after general Alexander Suvorov who ordered their construction.


You must be able to walk appr. 700 m along an uneven path from the parking area.  Sturdy shoes are needed! This trip is not suitable for physically disabled or parents with children in prams. Babies should be carried in backpacks. Dogs are welcome!

AVAILABLE: May-October

PRICE: 38 euro min. 5 persons. The price includes a guided trip from Imatra to Kummakivi. No transportation or meals included. Minivan with a driver from Imatra or Holiday Club Saimaa cost 400 €/4-8 persons, from Lappeenranta hotels or railway station 500 €/4-8 persons. 

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