Vuoksi Mini Tour

This 1-hour tour will show you the main parts of Imatra. It goes along the beautiful river Vuoksi up to the Mansikkala railway bridge. You will hear stories about the river Vuoksi and the Imatra rapids. You will see the memorials of the English and Scottish drivers, Vernon Cottle and Jock Taylor, who died when participating the Finnish GP in Imatra. You will learn about the war-time history of Imatra and see the beautiful War Veterans’ Park. This tour can be finished in Vuoksi Fishing Park where you can have a delicious fish lunch or coffee/tea.

Difficulty Level: moderate. The profile is easy, no upphills or downhills. The tour is driven on separate tracks for bicycles and pedestrians. Dogs are welcome!

Available: May-October.  Start from the castle hotel Imatran Valtionhotelli. 

Price: 50 €/group of 1-4 persons, 100€/5-10 persons,  150 €/11-15. Groups more than 15 people on appointment.

Kysy lisää +358 400 379509!